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Murphy Bird Supplement 2kg


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Murphy Bird Supplement

1. How does Murphy's Minerals work?
• Murphy's Minerals are unique in its field, in that it provides the opportunity for a budgerigar to balance its diet within its own in-built instinctive dietary needs with a minimum effort.
• The system has been developed over a number of years, with testing carried out under the normal conditions to be found in a well-run aviary.
• The trails have shown that the average chick hatch is improved and the substance of chicks as they leave the nest is very noticeable. Chicks are able to progress from the nest box self-sufficiently with ease.
• The nutrient products have been designed to use the instinctive, self-regulating systems which operate in the wild. This gives a sound balance of organic and inorganic nutrients whilst maintaining the fluid intake at the correct level for efficient operation of the digestion tract.
• When used as directed, the daily intake of all nutrients that maintain a bird in a healthy condition should be supplied through Murphy's Minerals.

2. Instructions for use
For birds in cages, the mineral supplement is best fed using strategically-placed finger drawers allowing for easy access.
For birds in open flight, the supplement should be placed in an adequate number of dishes protected from the weather,
The drawers or dishes should be inspected daily and where free from fouling, should be topped up.
Fouled drawers or dishes should be withdrawn, material discarded and the receptacle cleaned and sterilised before use