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About Us

Here at Gold Chips Bedding we specialise in giving you access to the very best bedding products available whether you are a keen amateur, serious breeder or competitive bird fancier.

Our range has been developed over years and sourced with particular care and responsibility. Uniquely every product we offer has been manufactured from virgin untreated solid wood, specifically for the purpose intended – bedding. We only use first generation material from virgin timber as in our opinion recycled second generation material / by-products of other manufacturing process cannot be traced nor offer a guarantee with regards hygiene and undesirable additions. Our products come from certified PEFC forests (the world's leading forest certification organization) and can be considered environmentally friendly, biodegradable, from sustainable woodland.

Since each product is manufactured specifically for the purpose intended, our range offers unrivalled consistency in terms of wood source, particle size, dust free cleanliness and hygiene, all backed up with full batch certificates of analysis.

So whatever level of bird fancier you are, keen hobbyist or breeder of Champions there is one thing you can be sure of with Gold Chips products – your bedding on the best.